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Rating: 4.6/10
Director: Manish Srivastav
Writer: Amit Sial, Manish Srivastav
Stars: Naseeruddin Shah, Anand Tiwari, Manasi Rachh, Subrat Dutta
Runtime: 102 min
Genre: Thriller
Released: 06 Nov 2015

Synopsis: Four Dead bodies in a derelict, deserted house and a hidden camera that contains footage from the crime scene; that is the enigma DCP Sanket Pujari is faced with as he sets about in company of a rookie cop Sameera Pavate and a forensic technician, Ravi Nambiar; to figure out why these seemingly harmless youngsters were killed so brutally. The video footage shows the lives of the victims in past two weeks leading to the moment of their demise Sam, Patty, Nina & Jeeves, the victims and a friend of theirs Dips who seems to have gone missing, last day of their lives. Young, Urban, Yuppies caught in their own separate dilemmas and crisscrossing love lives, their life had taken a turn for worse when Sam had gotten into a scuffle with a stranger at a nightclub. This stranger had followed them from the nightclub and rammed his SUV into their car. In the resultant street brawl, stranger was killed by a passing car. In panic they had run away from the scene and after some gumption, at least tried to put it behind them. Two days later they are approached by a girl, Hera, who claims to be girlfriend of the stranger they had a fight with. She tells them that the stranger, Rahil was estranged son of a mafia don, Azmat Khan and if they do not go along with her plan, she will let Azmat Khan know that they are responsible for Rahils death. Her plan is quiet diabolical too, she knows that Rahil was supposed to pick up a consignment of Cocaine in next two days and she wants them to pick it up instead of him. Sam, Nina, Patty, Dips & Jeeves; they are completely out of their depths in the situation; but the lure of easy money as well as cockiness of Sam and how their inter-personal relationships are playing out with Hera, it all aligns them behind the plan. At this time they also briefly meet a character, Sohail; introduced by Hera, Sohail is their conduit once they have taken delivery of Cocaine, is responsible for selling it. Their plan to pick up the cocaine goes smoothly enough but then things start turning south; through vague references in the footage Cops learn that a known associate of Azmat Khan, Jabbar has been calling Dips, Body of Rahil has been discovered by the cops and the friction between the friends leads them to repeated showdowns. Till the fateful day when they are shot dead by unknown assailants. All except Dips, he and Hera are nowhere to be found. The only lead DCP Sanket Pujari has is Sohail, already in Police Custody as depicted in the footage. As they start interrogating Sohail, everything that he has to say corroborates with what they have already seen in footage but the truth of what really happened still eludes them. As they poke holes in the theory created by what Sohail has told them; DCP Pujari realizes that Sohail has created a façade to deceive them of the real truth but then what is the real truth. Is it just a simple story of stupidity and simple bravado of five youngsters caught in Charlie Kay Chakkar Mein or is there a much more sinister and diabolical plan behind it??? Watch CHARLIE KAY CHAKKAR MEIN to know what really happened.

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